Miracle or Coincidence?

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

When a friend turned 60 recently, I tried to think of 60 things I could give her that would be relevant, useful and fun. She really didn’t need anything so I created her a little tree with 60 of my favorite quotes.

During the unveiling, my friend and I were looking through the little quotes, taking them down, reading them and then reclipping them. We were rotating the tree so it wasn’t clear which ones we’d already tried and we kept on grabbing one quote, the quote for this post, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

And then just as I was writing a piece about the quote for the Pointless Overthinking blog, Eddie Two Hawks posted that exact quote yesterday.

Coincidence? Or a miracle? It feels as if we are collectively in need of a miracle. Whatever the shade of our belief in God, the Creator, the Universe, optimism, or goodness, we can do the work to develop eyes that see.

I’m better at spotting miracles in the small circumstances of my life but I believe they apply to the bigger view of our world as well. The key is practicing seeing the world that way. Here’s my post about Creating Eyes That See at Pointless Overthinking.

34 thoughts on “Miracle or Coincidence?

  1. Great post, Wynne; thank you. I also like another of Einstein’s quotes: “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” From what I understood, although intitially opposed to the stange truth of quantum science, he later accepted it.

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  2. I prefer to see the magic of life, so choosing to see miracles is a must for developing more happiness! I remember years ago people would try to talk “sense” into me and tell me they were just coincidences. Blah! These were Christian people who felt miracles needed to be big to be “real” miracles! I choose to see all the tiny, overlooked or insignificant miracles, for that helps me feel the presence of God and the universe working in my life!

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    1. Love this comment and your attitude, Tamara! You are right – it is a must for developing more happiness.

      I remember my ex-husband having a conversation with my dad about religion. My ex said he would believe if God would just do more miracles like they had in the Bible. My dad listened carefully and didn’t say much as he generally let people figure things out for themselves. But he asked a lot of questions of what would count as a miracle? And who would verify it? And how could it be multi-cultural/pan-religious? My ex didn’t work out that miracles are in the eye of the beholder.

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      1. People have mental blocks to seeing them. You’re right, it is indeed in the mind of the beholder!

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  3. I love this Einstein quote. To me, it’s a variation of the half glass full vs half empty glass analogy. It really is about perspective. You and I – and our kids – are similar in seeing the small miracles in life and that’s what makes our world feel and look so wonderful!

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    1. Yes, yes, yes, Ab! It is what make our world feel so wonderful and thank goodness we can share that with each and our kids. I’ve said this before but it feels like you are my soul brother because we approach this journey in so many similar ways!

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      1. You know what, Wynne, that’s a very good point. I wonder if news outlets could be enticed to suss out positive news stories from around the world on a regular basis. They could become special features. You’re right, they do exist, but we never know.

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  4. Lovely gift idea! Also great quote! And powerful if you think about the fact that everyday we get to choose how we perceive everything that happens to us. Coincidence or miracle? Hardship, challenge or opportunity of growth?

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  5. I absolutely love the gift you gave your friend. I’m going to steal it, if that is ok? My friend will be 62 in March and is a retired English teacher. What an awesome gift! And thanks for sharing this quote. I’ve been having a tough day, but this helps me realize perspective is so important.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear about your tough day but I’m grateful you read my post and it helped. Feel free steal the gift idea! I got both the little tree and the tiny clips on Amazon although I’m sure there are many variations on this theme. Hope you have a better day today!

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