Photos of the Week: June 4

In a week that ranged from rain to sunshine, sickness and health, nights that had restless sleep and nights we slept well, not only did I eat Dove chocolate to get through, but I also wholeheartedly adopted this wrapper advice.

My favorite picture of the week – little people casting long shadows. It reminds me of the beginning of Peter Pan where Wendy is sewing his shadow on so it can always be with him.

Backyard camping where the primary wildlife we saw was the cat trying to squeeze herself between the tent body and the rain fly.

I know what the boots are for – measuring who has collected the most water at the end of puddle jumping. But what are the umbrellas for?

Reading my tea leaves — I see love…!

How was your week?

Photos of the Week: May 14

We got to spend some time at a fire station this week. While I am tempted to claim that is primarily fun for the kids, I have to admit that I thought it was really cool too. So many fun facts – that they can get their gear on in 60 seconds or less, that they have hose towers that are really tall so they can wash and dry their hoses after a fire or going somewhere gritty and they leave the keys in the ignition so no one ever has to be looking for the keys.

Yep, that last one is Mr. D kicking the tires.

And we also had a couple days of warmer sunny weather that made it fun to be out mowing, planting and playing around.


How was your week?

Photos of the Week: April 9

God bless the dentist for installing a kid’s sized door.

We went on a short train ride last week from Snoqualmie to North Bend. This is Mr. D looking out at the Snoqualmie River Valley.
Look, Mom, one hand, one foot!
Our first 70+ degree day! It only lasted 1 day but it was fun!

When we went on our short train ride last weekend, I gave Miss O a cheap digital camera to take pictures. I looked at them for the first time last night and kinda fell in love with the different perspective. It also made me realize how much kids see of other people’s noses. 🙂 Here’s a gallery of her pictures:

Photo of the Week: Jan 8th

When I was writing the post on Silence for the Pointless Overthinking blog this week, I was reminded of an early morning six months ago when I was sitting on the porch of a cabin on Whidbey Island meditating and heard the sound of a whale exhale in the bay 150 yards or more away. In the calm of the morning quiet, that sound was so exhilarating and intimate. I hustled closer to get a better glimpse of the 3 whales in the bay and took this picture where you can see one tiny little Orca whale fin in the upper middle. But it was the ability to hear them in the quiet that was most gripping.

So I’ve chosen this picture of stillness and calm to post for this week to celebrate all the amazing things we can hear when we are quiet. And also because Seattle has been dark and rainy this week with no great views of much other than rainboots and umbrellas. 🙂

Photo of the week: Nov 13

Covid has brought us closer together with our neighbors. There are 10 kids on the block under age 8, median age 4-years-old and they’ve found a rhythm of playing in each others yards or in this case, when it was raining, in my garage. I know that the lasting effects of this pandemic have yet to be seen in full but locally, I love how these kids have bonded. When everything shut down, they all become less “scheduled” and have learned the art of old-fashioned play.