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I started this project in late August 2016 to find something funny, kind or beautiful every day. Not too surprisingly, that intention created more joy in my life just by sharing and everything that others shared with me. I thought I would find the antidote to meanness in the things I saw when out and about. Instead I discovered how much hilarity and tenderness I had within my home. Repetition has a way of numbing my attention. Now when I was cleaning up a cupboard emptied by curious hands for the 10th time in a day, I was alert and finding the humor in it. And when I started to capture that, it multiplied. Our mess was our message, to borrow a phrase from Robin Roberts (GMA).

My mess that became my message also works in the larger sense because my choice to become a single mom when I was in my mid-40s came out of the dark days of a painful divorce and collapse of my business. Circumstances that I found so wrenching at the time turned to be just the upheaval necessary to retill the soil of my life for Miss O to grow. But this fierce and passionate feeling that comes with those I love carries so much responsibility. In the moments when the nerve that allowed me to become a single mom has left and I succumb to the worries that I will fail – to be a good mom or adequate provider — I look at the moment that I captured and I know that for that day we did okay.

Biscuit and Simon have done a great job raising Miss O. They are amazingly patient, curious and gentle. These three beings can’t speak in the conventional sense but they communicate so much and it is almost always funny, kind and open. What have I learned from a baby girl, an old golden and an ornery cat? We can all get along and laugh together. We have the antidote to meanness within us – to the fractures of the 2016 election or the indignities of life and an instinct to take care of each other and if we’ve forgotten that, we need to get back down on the floor and watch the less guarded creatures until we remember.


Biscuit’s motto was “Enthusiasm is Essential” and that worked well for him for most of his life, except for the few occasions it led him to stick his nose where it didn’t belong. He liked steaks, potatoes and turkey but performed for much less. His goal in life was to be helpful and he ws Miss O’s biggest fan. He passed away on January 13, 2017 at 13 years and 8 months of age and spent most of his days walking, hiking, swimming and finding adventure.


After a youth filled with crime, Simon has reformed from breaking into other people’s houses, getting into fights and staking out his territory with the help of a few years on Prozac. At 17, he’s found his stride as a mellow observer of life, willing to share his cynical wisdom gained from years of scrapping. He can’t wait until Miss O’s lap is big enough to sit on and until then, he’ll just sit in her chairs.


Miss O is a try-anything little girl. She tries all food given to her at least once and subscribes to the trial-and-error method of learning how this world works. With her cheerful attitude and ravenous desire to learn she is as delightful as she is delighted by life. Miss O loves books, music, moving her legs and of course, her dedicated and beautiful pets.


Wynne Leon is a business owner specializing in helping corporations collaborate through the use of web technologies. She holds a bachelor’s of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington.

Wynne has written a memoir about her father, Finding My Father’s Faith and is the coauthor of two technical books, Implementing Exchange Server and the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Bible.

An enthusiast of endurance adventures, Leon is an amateur mountain climber and a mom.

Biscuit’s friends wanted to carry on his work after his passed we are thankful to our many contributing characters.

Buddy: Biscuit’s cousin and maritime friend. A Portuguese Water Dog who lives on a boat, Buddy brings a unique perspective to his life and work.


Mojo: Mojo is a Golden Doodle that carries on Biscuit’s enthusiasm. With a family of his own, Mojo knows the responsibility of encouraging all the people in his life!


Zola: A member of the BTFB (Brave Tortoise’s for Biscuit) club, Zola spends most of her time in quiet contemplation but likes to lend her steady and thoughtful perspective to our adventures.