Democratizing the Theater

Gotta move different when you want different.” – unknown

My friend, award winning playwright, Jack Canfora has been working with his theater company, New Normal Rep to democratize theater. That is to say, they are trying to bring a dramatic theater experience to everyone, no matter where we live and at a cost that isn’t a whole paycheck.

So recently New Normal Rep produced a theatrical podcast of Jack’s play, Step 9 and released it on all podcast platforms for free. Doing it this way means a completely different marketing paradigm than brick and mortar theaters and they are relying on social media and word of mouth to spread the word about this really great play.

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Jack about Step 9, apologies and healing on the latest Wise and Shine podcast. For anyone who does podcasts and is interested in a great conversation, you can listen to the podcast on Spotify or via this link: Wise and Shine Podcast Episode 10: Jack Canfora on Step 9

And if you’d like to see the podcast show notes, I’ve posted them on Wise & Shine: Episode 10: On Step 9, Apologies and Healing

Finally, I highly recommend checking out the audio drama, Step 9. You can find it by searching New Normal Rep Step 9 wherever you podcast or going to:


16 thoughts on “Democratizing the Theater

  1. Eating the crow while it’s fresh is a wonderful nugget of wisdom, Wynne, and oh so true.

    Congrats to your friend on his new play. You are a wonderful friend for helping to continue to use your platform to champion his work!

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  2. I still haven’t been able to listen to more than the first couple of episodes, but I recognize Step 9 from my time in rehab. 🙂 And the ones I listened to were incredibly well done.

    Beyond that, a huge kudos to Jack for tackling such a difficult – and important – issue. And to you for championing his work, as Ab said. You’re a great friend to so many, Wynne! 🤍

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    1. Oh, Kendra – what a lovely comment. I love this blogging community!

      And I love hearing your perspective on Step 9. You are so right – difficult – and important – issue. Hope you enjoy the rest as well. By the end of episode 6 I was wondering how Jack was going to land this plane — but he did it beautifully!

      Thanks for reading, listening and all the wonderful and thoughtful comments, Kendra!

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