The Creative Process

Be the moon and inspire people even when you are far from full.” – K. Tolnoe

I’ve thought a lot about why I write – to process my experience in life and to connect with this great Word Press community. But recently a friend asked me how I write and it became the topic for my post on Wise and Shine today: When I Write.

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22 thoughts on “The Creative Process

  1. Write where and when you can! I know that it’s incredibly hard. Easier said then done. However, I’ve tried to take that mindset so that I get a second, I’m ready to go. It’s a simple thing, but has made a big difference. Remember too to give yourself a break. Rome wasn’t built in a day. At least that’s my two cents!!!

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    1. I love how you put that it’s a mindset, Brian and then you’re ready to go. That’s awesome.

      And you are right about the break. Patience is not one of my virtues so thank you for reminding me that Rome wasn’t built in a day! But if it was and I was doing it, I’d do it in the morning…. 🙂

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  2. Your urge to write is strong, Wynne. No one without that is much of a writer. The whole of you needs to be there to display what is uniquely yours.

    For myself, I am searching for words and ideas that interest me. They don’t have to please everyone. Indeed, they can’t. I am increasingly unsatisfied with easy answers and cliches. If one thinks he has found a simple explanation for the state of the world, he is blindfolded.

    At the same time, I’m acutely aware that my presence on the planet isn’t essential. The cemetery is full of irreplaceable people. We must do our best for others, starting with love and kindness. If we do, I imagine it will inform our writing, too.

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    1. I like your starting point – love and kindness and doing our best. Yes!

      And if someone has found a simple explanation for the state of the world – he might not just be blindfolded but also in a cave without social media or cable news! 🙂

      You make a good observation about me personally – yes, my urge to write is strong. But it also has been so rewarding to be able to meet and discuss with people like you, Dr. Stein!


  3. Love the quote, and I’ve found the same in terms of writing helping me to process. Still being a newbie, I wondered if that was normal. Nice to hear it is. 😊

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    1. Ah, you are doing great, Kendra! So glad that something I wrote helped you process what it is that you are doing – because isn’t that the point? So grateful to have connected with you and I’m always so grateful for your sweet and supportive comments!

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  4. I always love reading about the creative process of people whose work I enjoy. And I enjoyed reading about your process!

    I really admire your daily discipline, Wynne. It’s really amazing you can do this day in and day out.

    I read John Grisham did the same when he was a lawyer. He’d get up an hour earlier every day to work on his first novel.

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  5. Oh I love talking about creative processes, I could talk about that alllll day. With both my visual art and blogging, I have to say that schedules and regimens don’t work for me. And the best quality work comes out of me when I’m inspired and then act on that inspiration shortly after I feel it. If I don’t, it’s usually gone in a few hours, honestly. And I don’t want to tell you what to do or anything, but I’d LOVE to read what you might write when you’re in a not so great place. No pressure! It just seems to be the thing that women need now. We need to hear from other women about real things. Although I actually think what you write now is super real, honest, deep, and interesting! So I can’t even imagine it getting better 💖 But that’s why I want you to try because now I’m curious!!

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    1. Oh, you have such an interesting take as always, Libby. And I love how you’ve called your creativity (in your blog piece) your creative FIRE. Because it does seem like fire when it comes to the pure content you create!

      What an interesting gauntlet you’ve thrown about writing when I’m not in a great place. You are kind, as always, about my writing. And now that you’ve suggested it, I’m going to have to give it a try. Who knows??

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  6. I am like you, Wynne. My most creative time is in the early part of the day before everyone starts to wake up. I’ve always tried to resist timetabling things but find I have to do a little of that now to stay productive. I know many writers who are night owls. I tried it once and spent most of the time sleeping. It’s good to read about other writer’s motivations and processes, so thanks for sharing.

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