That Tricky Little Thing Called Self-Love

Aging is the extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” – David Bowie

This spring Miss O went to a neighbor’s yard sale and came back proudly carrying a gift for me. She’d bought me a beautiful necklace, or so she thought. It was actually a lovely beaded chain for a pair of glasses. Which actually might be something that I need more than a necklace these days since I’ve reached the age of needing reading glasses most of the time.

So when I heard a podcast on Oprah’s Soul Sunday about aging well, I was inspired to write a post for Dr. Kathy Garland’s Navigating the Change blog called One Thing to Love.

(featured photo from Pexels)

18 thoughts on “That Tricky Little Thing Called Self-Love

  1. Aging is definitely hard – and there’s a sense of loss for things once there, like youth, energy, free time, carefreeness. But like you said, we also gain (and earn) so many priceless things, like wisdom and perspective. To me, it’s a wonderful trade off!

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  2. Aging is hard, but also comforting. The Bowie quote is dead on. I am now more me than ever before. One because I’ve realized being me is my purpose and two, I just quit giving a shit about what someone might think!

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  3. I understand where my mother was coming from now when she said, “Aging isn’t for wimps.” Yes, to that Bowie quote! There’s a lot of truth to it … and maybe a little to my mom’s too. Haha 🙂

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