Photos of the Week: May 14

We got to spend some time at a fire station this week. While I am tempted to claim that is primarily fun for the kids, I have to admit that I thought it was really cool too. So many fun facts – that they can get their gear on in 60 seconds or less, that they have hose towers that are really tall so they can wash and dry their hoses after a fire or going somewhere gritty and they leave the keys in the ignition so no one ever has to be looking for the keys.

Yep, that last one is Mr. D kicking the tires.

And we also had a couple days of warmer sunny weather that made it fun to be out mowing, planting and playing around.


How was your week?

23 thoughts on “Photos of the Week: May 14

    1. It was so fun! They even set off the fire bell for us so we could experience that – it wasn’t as loud as you’d think but they make it so the lights blink on too. Hope you had a good week, Ashley!

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    1. They are! Our friend is a captain in the fire department and to be able to visit with these men and women was such an honor. They even set off the bell for us so we could hear it.


  1. Great pictures! Love that your kiddos got to experience this. I also want to say how much I admire that you take your kids to do lots of fun things. You are very active with them which I feel will have such a positive impact on their growth and development. Have a great weekend!

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    1. I love that you picked up on that. Can you imagine how many hours of your life you’d get back if you never had to look for the keys? I don’t remember ever doing that before I had kids but with my hands full of them and so much stuff, it is so much harder to always get them back in their place. But I can see the difficulty of that practice if the car is in the driveway! 🙂 Happy weekend, Betsy!

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