Photo of the Week: November 6th

The sky was so magnificently red as I was pulling out to drive the kids to school that I turned in the opposite direction with a car full of kids saying, “Maa-maa?” and “Where are we going?” I drove up a few blocks to my favorite spot in our neighborhood to watch God’s master class in color selection and beauty and the kids said, “Wowww!” Then we proceeded to school and weren’t even late.


9 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: November 6th

  1. Where I used to live on the upper peninsula of Michigan, there was a dead-end road on the east side of the little town. It looked over the hub of town below it. All that was on that road was one residence and the town’s one nursing home where I volunteered, all situated on the east side of that road. On the west side, there was just dirt and wild plants. I used to go up there to see the sun set over the village that was my home back then. I often wondered why there weren’t more people doing what I was doing.

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