Our Dearest Ones

Sometimes the stories closest to the heart are the hardest to put in words but these old guys have a lot of love to share! Riggs, Biscuit and Simon use the last of the “conversation hearts” to send their love!

When a guy is so adorable it is sometimes hard to see that he has special needs too but thankfully for Riggs, he has the amazing Jill Jones to care for him. A true Australian labradoodle from Canada, a breeder had special plans for him but fate intervened and he ended up just where he was needed most, in Jill’s heart and home. With great love comes great responsibility and thank goodness Jill has both which is why she makes a wonderful friend and a fantastic dog owner!

It is rumored that our pets leave us when they know they will be okay. Fortunately, Biscuit pre-recorded this message for Olivia so I trust it was because he thought we were doing a fine job of growing up and he saw she is a strong and beautiful girl. Simon who came to us 13 years ago might think the same but is sticking around for a while longer because he thinks we need a man around the house and someone to act out the counter-point of all our positivity!


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