Love, It’s What’s for Breakfast

Love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! The amazing thing about pets is that they love us through everything and every day of the year!  Casey, Mojo, Darby and Jake (clockwise from top right) share their messages of love for their humans and tell their stories!


When you are the fifth child in a Firish (Finnish-Irish) household of smart, athletic, competitive and funny people, you need to forge your own role to standout. Casey adores her awesome people for letting her have her own style — a retriever that doesn’t retrieve, a taste for the good life, and the ability to gently tolerate all kinds of kid play. Her self-appointed role is to watch out for the baby she grew up with because those coming of age trials keep you close forever (like your best friend from college)!

Mojo is a campaign dog — as in the kids campaigned for a long time to get a dog. However it happened, he is grateful to belong to the nicest family of athletic, smart and adventurous people. With his Valentine message, he reveals his real talent – using his special brand of mojo to charm everyone he meets!!

Darby is a second dog rescue from Loreta, Mexico for the fabulous and sweet Bass family nine months after her sister Martha. At this rate, the dog population of Loreta must be plummeting! Darby understands what a great deal she has so she sticks close in case anyone needs some love, squirrels start to invade the territory or her sister gets a little too uppity!

The secret of a great relationship? Greenlake walks in the morning, cross-country skiing in the Methow valley and evenings on the deck with some bark and whine. No wonder Jake loves the fabulous, adventurous and amazing Joanie because she gives him all of that and they both have golden heart big enough to share with golden boy Jasper and hilarious cat Moby!


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