Talking Back

Do pet owners talk to their pets? Of course!! Do the pets talk back? Definitely! Especially when they get to choose “conversation hearts” for their owners! Ruby, Coho and Chinook, Micki and Malu (clockwise from top right) show us how and tell us their stories! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Ruby didn’t find her forever home on the first try but was able to move in when she was five months old. Her previous owners thought that raising a puppy was too much work so now Ruby appreciates even more the generosity and care given to her by the amazing Patty Day and takes extra time to greet everyone and make them feel important too.

Coho and Chinook are brothers that were adopted from MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland after they were abandoned at birth by their mother. Fortunately, they were adopted by a new mom and dad that are loyal, patient and kind. They consequently conspire to hold their new mom down as much as possible!

To know Micki is to know the world. Micki is a Shiba Inu that came from the North Pole when Santa brought her to Taiwan to meet her family. When they packed to come home to the US, she became one of the few (the only?) Japanese breed dog immigrants from a disputed Chinese territory with an American family. She is funny, smart and urbane, just like her people. But she sticks close just in case more travel is in the works.

Malu has a funny hobby – standing stock still in a lake until the tiny minnows nibble at her! This is a fabulous indulgence for a girl who was rescued off the streets of the Midwest underweight and showing signs of abuse. When she was adopted by the patient, kind and loving dog whisperer Dee, it still took her about 3 months to wag her tail. Now everything comes up sunshine and roses for her because she gets to go to work every day with her human, charm all the people she meets, roll in the snow and of course, go to the lake!


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