More Sweetness

Some “conversation heart” sweetness before bed on a Valentine’s Day! Love how Lucky, Martha, Oliver and Kalmar (clockwise from upper right) show us how to communicate their hearts and tell their stories!

Martha is grinning because she truly couldn’t be luckier than to be rescued from the streets of Loreto Mexico and delivered to the House of Love and Cuteness also known as the Bass family. Two years in that haven have attuned her ears to the sweet sound of snuggling, her legs for the delight of long strolls, and her attitude to make sure she’s top dog of the household.

Lucky was a Tom cat taking his chances getting a ride when he was picked up at a truck stop in 2012. Fortunately, Lucky is well, lucky and found the most fun family who reformed his trash can ways and now he’s about 17 pounds and a big baby.

Oliver has gone from a motley zoo to the private rescue haven run otherwise known as the home of the fabulous Nadine and her family! He and his sisters were rescued by Motley Zoo in Redmond when they had ringworm and PAWS wouldn’t take them. From there he was taken in as the Nadine’s latest addition to her motley zoo of love. Her friend from elementary school who lives nearby adopted his sisters so they are all living the good life now!

When you are an 8 month old puppy from Chew-Inhale-This (otherwise known as Chehalis), it seems natural to put everything in the mouth. Books, homework, the books needed for homework, what’s a dog to chew? Thank goodness he belongs to the delightful, funny, positive Kosted family who see this all as a lesson not to hold material things too tightly! He is all love and has a sweet, playful spirit, just like his family!!


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