Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Can you feel the love tonight? Leeloo, Juniper, Zola, Lucy and Dakota (clockwise from top right corner) express their true feelings for their amazing owners!

The fourth beautiful and strong Akita for this family, Leeloo is smart and loyal, just like her people. She lives up to her name which means strong, happy and graceful and she also has the ears for listening which is what makes her such an effective communicator!

Zola is a 20 year old Russian tortoise that was adopted 1 year ago. What did she do for the 19 previous years? Zola is quite secretive about that but given her heritage it may be that she was talking with the Russian ambassador. We may never know…

Juniper brings street smarts to her family of wise, warm, and creative people. A 12th generation street dog from Taiwan, she came to the US before the whole Visa travel ban thingie happened. She believes that her message of love for all will prevail over this political climate so she doesn’t get deported because she has the best life!

These golden girls know when to sit, who to entertain and how to pose but they’d like the sign not to get in the way. Lucy is 11 and with the perspective that age brings is all for retiring at the beach place in the islands. Dakota is almost one and with her youthful energy gives hugs to all. Young and old, they both agree, they have the best life with the most dedicated and loving owners!!


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