A Lot of Love

There is a lot of love in the air this Valentine’s Day!! Here are some more “conversation hearts” that our pets are sharing! Thanks for the love Charlie, Nyla, O’Malley and Kayla (clockwise from top right)!!

After an unfortunate incident when he ate a box of Cheez-Its and a few crayons  and then left colorful vomit in some noticeable locations, Charlie had to be re-homed. Fortunately in his forever home, Charlie is appreciated for his colorful character and pays the love forward as a therapy dog.

The most wonderful transformations come from the most challenging circumstances. Nyla was sick, withdrawn, losing her hair, angry and had worms when she rescued from a bad puppy mill in California. Fortunately for Nyla, her new family knew how to patiently coax her true inner and outer beauty so she now shines like a princess!

Taking care of children is one of the most important jobs a pet can do and O’Malley was given as a kitten to a 2 yr old little girl and that was 21 years ago. O’Malley took her role as a first cat seriously and has raised a smart, thoughtful, loving and amazing young woman. Love works!

Kayla has shed her desert roots and is living it up as a California pool girl where sometimes she sheds directly into the pool. She has soaked up her owners’ optimism and knows that positivity comes from chewing on the right things and fortunately, that is a lot of stuff in Kayla’s world.



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