Our Faithful Loves

Celebrating the love of our most faithful and constant companions this week – our pets! What “conversation heart” would your pet pick? Buddy, Sam, Kelty and Phoebe (clockwise from top right) share their selections.

Now that Buddy’s girls have grown up and moved away and his dog pals Sid and Biscuit have passed away, Buddy is even more committed to his plan of sticking close by his owners’ sides.  Fortunately they are warm, loving and completely dedicated to him so that he still feels secure. He carries his own leash for walks because the tie that binds is stronger than any rope!

Sam is a one woman kind of guy. In a culture where everyone is praised for getting along with everyone else, he just wants to go back to a simple life where he can be loved for the feisty introvert he is. How fortunate he was to be adopted by the tender-hearted, understanding and accomodating Nadine Weller and her family.

In a smart, athletic, funny and accomplished family, it is hard to stand out, especially if you follow in the footsteps of two beautiful and loyal labs. Kelty has figured out her own strategy of being first – listen to every word, look people straight in the eye and following the feet wherever they go.

When Phoebe was 5, her first family moved into housing that didn’t allow cats which left her in the awkward position of looking for love in mid-life. She found the most compassionate and loyal of pet owners, someone who can bring out the best in anyone and Phoebe is free to express her true self — social, athletic, funny and enthusiastic in reflection of that light.


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