The Dream Team

Biscuit’s mission in the last few years was to bring a little more humor, kindness and wisdom to the world one sign at a time. He loved the time we spent doing the signs — he felt important, heard and well fed.

What Biscuit envisioned was a world where we greet each other with great enthusiasm, where we are dedicated to the service of others and we stick together to accomplish great things and with the help of his SuperPack his work continues. Malu the intrepid Minnesotan, Charlie the blockhead you can lean on, Mojo the goofy go-getter, Leeloo the smart loyalist, Ruby the princess of hearts, and Buddy the agile thinker bring their own unique perspectives to our commentary. What Biscuit didn’t know, and what I’m extremely grateful for and touched by, is how incredibly generous people would be in the wake of his passing. He even has cats and tortoises signing up too! So stay tuned for amusement and if you have an important mission, form your own Dream Team!

Thank you Dee, Patty, Mindy and the Smith family, Christine, Jay and Lindsey for lending your dogs and support!



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